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Training at Mesquite Aviation
Your local flight instruction center
provides fun, professional flight services.

Whether you are new to flying or you want to add an advanced rating to your pilot certificate, Mesquite Aviation offers the best value in flight training for Dallas. Our FAA Certified Flight instructors can hep you earn your Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII certificates.

We offer:
• Private Pilot Licenses
• Instrument Ratings
• Single-Engine Commercial PIlot
• CFI Certification
• CFII Certification

• Complex Endorsements


1-hour lesson $120
An introduction to flight training, including up to 30 minutes of actual flight time.

2-hour lesson $210
Your first full lesson in basics of flight, including 1 hour of actual flight time.

3-lesson class $630
Y our first three full lessons in basics of flight, including 3 hours of actual flight time.

Ground School (20 hours) | $350

Instrument Ground School (20 hours) | $350

Primary Instruction | $35 per hour

Advanced Ratings & Endorsements | $40 per hour

Training in Your Aircraft | Add $5 per hour to the rates above

Our location at Mesquite Metro Airport - outside of congested Dallas airspace - saves you time and reduces training costs.

Now you can fulfill your dream of flying! It is possible to become a pilot, and you can start right here! There are many jobs that one could have as a professional pilot. A few career opportunities include Airline Pilot, Corporate or Business Pilot, Cargo Pilot, or Military Flying. Whether flying for a hobby or as a career, Mesquite Aviation is the place to start. Call us today to schedule a Discovery Flight.

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